Democrats Elites And Media Are PANICKING Without Trump, Cry About Trumpism As CNN Ratings TANK 44%


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Tim Pool – Democrats Elites Are PANICKING Without Trump, Media Cries About Trumpism As CNN Ratings PLUMMET 44%. Somehow even with Trump out of office he still dominates the media cycle. Democrats need the boogeyman, the specter of Trumpism, otherwise what little unity they have with progressives dwindles. Now Democrats are demanding the removal of Marjorie Taylor Greene and in response Republicans say they want Ilhan Omar removed.

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Remove everyone that pushed the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

Nothing Greene has ever said even comes close to the harmful lies spouted by Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell, and Chuck Schumer.

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  1. OH Boy is the media going to miss Donald J Trump when he’s gone. But not to worry because I really don’t believe it will be that long before he will back stronger than ever. In fact, I’m predicting that the truth will surface that the election was stolen and the demorats will be toast within a year or so. I just want you to know that when I do speak it’s from an position of knowledge and experience that I’ve obtained over the past eight-two years. Served in the military twice account being called back because of my Morris code abilities to train our army rangers during the Berlin Crises.


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