Democrats Block Investigation into Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal


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New York Democrat senators blocked a motion to subpoena records that could shed light on the elderly’s deaths during the pandemic at the state’s nursing homes.


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On Monday, Republican Senator Thomas O’Mara filed the motion during a Senate Committee on Investigations and Government Operations virtual meeting.

The motion threatens what New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has claimed that the state was competent in responding to the pandemic. And on Thursday, his office was slapped with the state attorney general’s scathing report that accused the governor of inaccurately reporting the actual death toll in nursing homes due to COVID-19. 

However, instead of approving the motion, Cuomo’s Senate allies blocked it and even muted O’Mara’s microphone during the virtual meeting. 

Top Democrat on the Senate committee, Sen. James Skoufis, accused the Republican of an “ambush” of lack of notice. Skoufis argued it wasn’t procedural because it wasn’t made in writing. 

“It is time for the Senate Democrat Majority to stop stonewalling and protecting Governor Cuomo on the nursing homes crisis,” responded O’Mara.

He added that after the attorney general’s report, the Investigations Committee failed to issue subpoenas immediately and ask for the governor’s testimony. According to O’Mara, Cuomo’s office again completely abandons legislative responsibility, making the Democrats in the Senate complicit in the tragedy. 

“Every step of the way, the Senate Democrat Majority has been willing to give the Cuomo administration every opportunity to keep trying to cover its tracks and rewrite its false story on nursing homes.”

‘Their failure to act is shameful’

Republican state Sen. Anthony Palumbo echoed his colleague’s sentiments. 

“This partisan decision in the wake of the AG’s report is a dereliction of duty on their part and a grave injustice for the families of the deceased. This is the sole committee equipped with the power to investigate state government fully, and their failure to act is shameful,” Palumbo said.

On Friday, Cuomo lashed out and argued it didn’t matter wherever the deaths took place. 

“New York state we’re only about 28% … but we’re below the national average in the number of deaths in nursing homes,” said the governor. 

“But who cares?” 33 [percent], 28 [percent], died in a hospital, died in a nursing home — they died!”

Cuomo had the guts to release a book in October about his administration’s supposed success in handling the pandemic. He also later released a poster to celebrate.

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  1. How much longer are we going to put up with the Democrats’ corruption and treason? Are we just going to bend over and take it? This is no longer a government “by and for the people” but rather, “a government by and for itself! Cuomo and de Blasio are two of the most corrupt Democrats in government and it’s long overdue for them to pay the piper. These people, all the Democrats, believe that they’re above the law and, so far, they’ve been right! My friends, we just can’t let them get away with their lawlessness, we need to fight them on every level, because if we don’t we won’t have a future or a Republic to defend!

    We’ve allowed them to cheat their way into the White House and too, destroy one of the best Presidents that America has had. They are hell bent on destroying our Republic with the help of George Soros and the Communist Chinese and, if we don’t stop them, we’re finished!

  2. Just for the record, I posted my comment just after 6pm on 2/5/2021, at which time, my comment was the only one. It’s now 6:17pm and my comment is still “awaiting moderation”. I just have to wonder, if my comment is the only one, why is it taking so long to “moderate”? Just asking!


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