Democrat Defends His ‘Whites Only’ Beach Club…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila From the Gateway Pundit reports, Imagine if a Republican said this. Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse defended belonging to a whites-only beach club when confronted by a reporter on Sunday.

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These people who call others racist are actually talking about themselves. Trump has lots of friends in all nationalities. He is far from a racist.

How can this even be a thing? Of course it’s a Democrat. It’s so weird because they always accuse republicans of being racist, but they are always the ones being caught doing shit like this.

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  1. Why can’t a person belong to a all white organization if he wants to, there are places that are all black, mexican, oriental, it seems it is only wrong if you are white and chose to be with all whites. This makes you a bad person. I think that is your own business. It seems as the whole world just looks for things to bitch and cause trouble for someone because they think different.


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