Damning Recordings Leaked from University of Oklahoma…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Have you gotten the sense that many of our colleges and universities are left-wing indoctrination factories? It’s even worse than you thought. At the University of Oklahoma, instructors openly discuss methods for suppressing free speech and indoctrinating students to progressive ideas.

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Actually, just say to the teachers/professors that their speech is offensive and considered hate speech; and wait for them to implode

I didn’t need leaked recordings to know that.

Then Close Them and leave the so called teachers Jobless, homeless.

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  1. I like that IDEA !!! very much, call them out and watch and wait for the implosion and then fire them, jobless and maybe homeless. Works for me, and if they need a job teaching, then go to russia or china, and teach there.


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