Cuomo’s Daughter Comes Out as ‘Demisexual’…


Image from video below…

Ben Shapiro – Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, daughter of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, announced this week that she’s “demisexual,” apparently meaning she’s only attracted to individuals with whom she has an emotional connection.

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Literally her: “I’m not heterosexual, I only sleep with men I like.”

Moods, personalities, preferences are not sexualities.

“It’s not cool or hip to be heterosexual in my liberal bubble.” The gig is up after that statement.

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  1. People really are as dumb as rocks and we can also blame the poor character and morals of the parents like Cuomo and DeBlasio for rasing liberal trash for children. So typical…Americas future leaders folks…NOT!

  2. After Mario, Andy and Chris, all Fredos, Andy’s daughter follows the ‘trend.’ All self important self esteem crybabies wanting a participation trophy but deserve none. Only Michaels deserve one.


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