Cuomo Makes His Resignation Decision After 5th Woman Steps Forward


The Next News Network – Emily Zanotti from The Daily Wire reports, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the media, Sunday, that he will not resign from his position amid allegations that he sexually harassed five women and called critics demanding he step down “anti-democratic” and at odds with the voters of New York.

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He should resign over his nursing home mandates. He acting like he is not responsible for his own actions.

Narcissists rarely think they ever do anything wrong, and are the worst kind of representative.

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  1. He actually believes he is above being held accountable for all his criminal actions and, probable likes all the focus on these five females’ complaint for that keep people from thinking and talking about his mass murders, which when it all said and done, he won’t spend a day in jail for anything, democrats control the system and HE KNOWS IT.


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