Cuban Activists Paint a Mural on DC Street. See What Happens Next…


Image From Video Below…

The Next News Network – Spencer Brown from Townhall reports, Allies of the brave freedom fighters who’ve taken to the streets of cities across Cuba in protest against the communist government painted “CUBA LIBRE” — which translates to “free Cuba” — on the street in front of the country’s embassy in Washington, D.C. last week.

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GOD Bless The USA and The World GOD Bless President Trump and The Leaders Of The World GOD Bless Those Representing and Defending The Civil Rights and Liberties Of Every American Citizen

The people that are actually oppressed, they don’t want anyone talking about that.

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  1. I keep opening pleas to sighn, petitions to compel Biden to intervene in Cuba problem. FORGET IT ! The Biden Marxist regime has no intention of intervening on behalf of Cuba. The Biden regime has gone full scale Marxist. Their intention, to silence the clamoring American mob behind face masks and use Federal troops to disarm the American citizens with or without force, whatever the death of liberty calls for.


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