Crushing for Kamala Harris: Flashback of Her Talking About the Border…



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Back before the Biden administration had denied all media access from the border facilities, Vice President Kamala Harris had stressed that there needed to be live coverage of the border.

In 2018, she thanked the “free and independent press” for giving a “close-up look” at the Trump administration’s southern border policies. Harris had even called those policies “heartbreaking.” 

“Thank God for a free and independent press, you know?” Harris said. “All these folks being down in Texas and here in California and at the border and giving the American public a close-up look at what’s really happening as opposed to the rhetoric coming out of this administration.”

Now that the border crisis keeps worsening by the day, Harris’s stance has reversed. Still, this is nothing new for the Democrats. It’s just another example of their double standards.

For weeks, President Biden and VP Harris have denied all media access and refused to call the situation at the border what it is—a crisis.

And, once the vice president was appointed to lead the border crisis response, a reporter asked her if she’d be going to the border.

“Not today,” she responded as she laughed.

Despite not allowing media into the overcrowded border facilities, Biden committed to “transparency.” Really?

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