Court Delivers Death Blow to Rachel Maddow…


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The Next News Network – Matt Margolis from PJ Media reports, there’s no doubt that Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show is left-wing propaganda, not news. And a federal judge apparently agrees with that. Journalist Glenn Greenwald reports that an Obama-appointed judge ruled last month that “Maddow’s show is different from a typical news segment where anchors inform viewers about the daily news.”

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She is not a news reporter, she is a propaganda specialist.

He/She/It is the poster child for everything wrong with the MSM…ugh.

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  1. This piece of work & her disease needs a full investigation by the CDC. *Center for Disease Control for those who may not have knowledge of what these initials stand for.

    Frankly the entire NBC empire of: “Fake News” nitwits have contracted the Rachel disease known as: ” MadCow’s Syndrome. ”

    As far as I’m concerned….. Just call it “Madcow Disease.”

    This mental pathogen can be found in every NBC outlet, studio, commissary, remote unit and their control rooms.

    Look at the victims….. Morning no Joe & his trophy; that’s a stretch for sure. Brian Williams’ had a bad case that disease that took him from Prime Time, to no rating value what-so-ever.

    Creepy BS con man; with the fuzzy feeling up his legs Chrissy Matthews paid the ultimate price that MadCow suffer’s will pay.

    All while Mudd Slinging NBC’s New York’s Tony, a.k.a.: “GROUCHY FAUCI” BS Researcher in Chief ” has yet to make any comments.

    MadCow Disease however, must be taken seriously. It’s been found spreading throughout the unhinged media.

    Fouch the Grouch better take seriously developing a MadCow Vaccine.

    MadCow Disease affects the mind. Just watch a White House Presser and see the casualties who stand at the current “Mr JB Magoo” podium.

    As we’ve heard for year’s: “The mind’s a terrible thing to waste.”

    Pissaki leads the pack of MacCow suffering wolves.


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