Confirmation: Military Occupation of DC Will Continue…



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The Next News Network – Julio Rosas from Townhall reports, The Department of Defense announced on Tuesday Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin approved the Capitol Police’s request to extend the National Guard’s deployment through May 23.

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If you didn’t cheat during the election you wouldn’t need all that security.

President Trump is an honest man, but Joe Biden is a liar!

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  1. A complete waste of taxpayers money but as you can see from the bill the democrats just signed they don’t care and they want amnesty for illegals if they did the amnesty for them it would cost 1Trillion dollars for just 11 million and there are way more than that that 11 million is a figure they have said for over 20 years as you watch them come across the border what is the real figure and the real cost that doesn’t include welfare all of them they never say the true cost because they will raise taxes to pay for them and the taxpayers will pay for them


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