College Professors Admit Their Secret Liberal Agenda for Students…


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– Jonathan Davis from Trending Politics reports, One by one, the American Marxist left has, over the course of a half-century, taken over all American institutions and have turned them into little mind-altering propaganda mills aimed at overthrowing the old order for good.

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I am a college professor. And if I had kids I would definitely be home schooling. Schools are indoctrination centers, not places for education.

I’m so glad my kids are back in school they were falling behind in their afro indigenous non-binary transexual studies.

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    All Communist regimes try to remove God, religious authority from the populations, state wants control of everything, sound like the Democrats and Biden? The socialism agenda that is now driving our country is an attack on God, Country our unborn, and the constitution. The people leading this parade are traitors to everything our Country has stood for since inception. They are power crazed atheists who have sold their souls for money and power, Just like the thousands of dead who voted for Biden but did not, the thousands of aborted souls who wanted to be born but were not, and the thousands of seniors who were forced to die before their time are all waiting for the Biden and his chosen group of America’s haters.


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