CNN’s Jim Acosta Dealing With ‘CNN Sucks’ Chants at Different Rallies, Caught Without Mask


Image Screenshot From CNN YouTube Video Below.

In 2018, CNN actually ran a headline with its video about CNN’s very own Jim Acosta getting “heckled” at a Trump rally.

The thing is, it also happened in 2016 the night before Trump was elected as the United States President, although this time, Acosta isn’t in the video.


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The “CNN sucks!” chants are frequently heard on the cable network’s broadcasts of Trump’s rallies, and particularly when Acosta is doing the reporting in person. It does seem that the chant comes along with the Trump presidency.

On Monday, Acosta was in Sanford, Florida, for Trump’s first rally since contracting the COVID-19 virus earlier this month. As he was chatting with anchor Wolf Blitzer, the live feed caught the familiar chant once again.

The crowd was roaring, “CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!”

This time, Acosta wasn’t just going to let it slide.

As the heading on the screen read that few masks and no social distancing were seen at the rally, Acosta hit back. “And as this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out, Wolf, what also sucks: getting the coronavirus.”

Courtesy of CNN’s Brian Stelter, here’s the clip:

In response, Blitzer said that “clearly” the coronavirus is “not disappearing, it’s getting a whole lot worse.”

The most recent “CNN sucks!” clip has over 160,000 views since it was posted on Monday, and while a lot of the comments agreed with Acosta, others shared the chant’s sentiments.

“Again with the fake news? They were not chanting at ‘members of the press.’ They were saying ‘CNN’ SUCKS! They were pointing out that @Acosta specifically SUCKS!” one Twitter user commented.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users commented and shared photos of Acosta at the Trump rally — without his face mask.

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