CNN SLAMMED For Lying About WallStreetBets GameStop Rebellion


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According to Tim Pool, the GameStop rebellion that happened on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets is historical. “We’re seeing something truly amazing, a non-partisan shattering of the fake media narrative.”


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As he put it so well, it’s easy to maintain the lies when people want to believe in them, which is especially true in partisan politics. “Over the past several years with Donald Trump, you had people who just really didn’t like him. So when the media came out with lies about Trump, people wanted to believe it,” he said.

But this time, when the media came out with lies, attempting to “deflect and protect Wall Street and hedge funds,” they received no support. As a result, nonpartisans now know that the media have been lying more than half the time.

In paticular, CNN has been exposed for putting out some lies. CNN has recently run numerous stories and segments advocating for the censorship of “conservative networks,” such as Fox News and Newsmax. According to them, though, it’s not censorship. “Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of reach,” said Brian Stelter of CNN.

Pool says that because of the recent events, it’s now clear for everyone to see just how awful the media have been the entire time.

CNN has recently claimed that silver prices surged as Reddit investors targetted precious metals. In reality, Reddit investors have not. According to the subreddit r/stocks, it’s a lie. Investors on the subreddit have warned people not to listen to CNN, and that they should not buy silver.

On the subreddit r/WallStreetBets, CNN began this lie. As Pool says, when CNN lie about Trump, they can get away with it simply because people don’t like him and they want to believe their lies. Now though, “who’s going to get the back of Wall Street elites and hedge funds who have been ripping us off and destroyed our economy?” asked Pool. It turns out, almost no one — 94% out of 63,720 people upvoted the subreddit post revealing CNN’s lie.

“The intention here might even be to get boomers to invest, thinking Reddit is some sort of goldmine of financial advice coupled with fear of missing out on GameStop. They think this is the next big thing. Someone tell me how this is not illegal. I’m betting it is. But when it’s global media outlets backed by hedges who are deliberately using media to manipulate paper-handed investors, the thought of prosecuting is a pipe dream,” wrote one Reddit user.

On the subreddit r/News, another post that claims silver prices surge as retail buyers pile in received 0 points, and only 40% percent have upvoted, which means no unity among reddit users.

A comment on the post reads: “Red alert. Just Google the word ‘silver’ and look at the news. They are using the media to try and manipulate the price of silver to go up, which hedge funds apparently own large portions of in a desperate attempt to trick non-redditors into buying silver. They are saying we are all going in on silver and that it’s surging, even though it has only went up three dollars since last week. Any profits they make from manipulating the price of silver they will use to try and cover their GameStop shorts.”

“This GameStop rebellion is working. It is absolutely working. It is stripping away money from Wall Street and sending it to Main Street. I have been complaining for the past year about the largest transfer of wealth from the working class to the elites,” Tim Pool said. “Now we are seeing for once the inverse happening—left and right in unison. The machine is desperate. They’ve tried everything. They tried claiming that you’re the bad guy. They tried claiming GameStop is a terrible stock. Don’t buy it. It’s going down.”

According to Pool, the way this is the way the game is played: the establishment tricks people into giving up their resources or forcibly taking it from them. When you sell your stock when it’s low, they’ll buy and make the price go back up so they can trickle it out to the poor people and make a profit.

“You don’t have to like Trump. You don’t have to like Fox News. You just have to recognize they are lying,” Tim Pool concluded.

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