CNN Poll Went Massively Wrong, and Now They Must Share the Bad News…


Nearly 100 days before, President Joe Biden delivered a Joint Address to Congress, and it did not help him at all.


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CNN viewers who watched the address were asked to answer a poll by the news network, and the results did not come close to the previous presidents.

Of course, CNN termed it a “very positive” reaction, even though only 51% of all viewers gave a positive vote.

“The 51% who had a very positive reaction to Biden’s speech is a bit more muted than the reaction to the first address from other recent presidents,” CNN said. “Barack Obama had the strongest first outing of the last four presidents, with 68% saying they had a very positive reaction to his speech, and George W. Bush in 2001 earned a similar 66% very positive. Fewer — 57% — had a very positive reaction to Donald Trump’s 2017 address.”

Shouldn’t the president who earned 80 million votes have gotten a higher rating than that? Even former President Donald Trump, who the media hated, received a more “positive” reaction than Biden did. 

In fact, even Senator Ted Cruz had a difficult time staying awake during Biden’s speech. After the address, Representative Cruz posted a tweet, calling the speech “boring, but radical.”

“I think the speech tonight, you could sum up in three words: boring, but radical,” Cruz said after the speech. “The speech by design was calm and dulcet tones. You know, I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech. I mean, it was monotone. The chamber was nearly empty. And that really has characterized the first hundred days of Joe Biden—that he’s tried to say nothing notable. He’s tried to tweet nothing notable.”

“I think that made the political decision—that many people were tired of the drama of the previous four years and they wanted something calm. And so, Joe is deliberately boring,” Cruz continued. “But the substance of what he’s saying is radical. This is the most radical first hundred days of any president in the history of this country.”

The senator then added that Biden “makes Barack Obama look mild and moderate.”

“You look at what Joe Biden stood up there tonight and said. He said, ‘Number one, we’re raising taxes. We’re raising every tax. If you pay taxes in America, your taxes are going up.’” Cruz went on and explained that the administration would be raising all kinds of taxes. “Every tax is going up, and it’s to the tune of trillions of dollars.”

“Look at what Joe Biden didn’t say tonight,” he continued. “He didn’t say we’re opening up small businesses. He didn’t say we’re getting people back to work. He didn’t say we’re getting kids back in school. Completely missing from his remarks tonight was the outrage that more than half of the kids in America are not in person in school five days a week. And, he provided zero solutions to the crisis at the border that he caused. He pretended it didn’t exist.” 

“This was all about trillions of dollars in spending, massive job-killing regulations, trillions of dollars in taxes. And it was an unapologetic partisan speech. There wasn’t even the tiniest fig leaf of an outreach to the other side.”

It’s no wonder he got a “very positive” reaction to his speech that was barely above 50%.

Let’s hope this poll result means that more and more people are waking up after seeing how the administration handles the border crisis.

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