CNN Host Calls for Drastic Measures Against You for Refusing the Jab…


To what extent will the Biden Administration go to achieve the President’s stated goal for mass vaccinations?

Many Americans are still “vaccine-hesitant,” but with the administration pushing every citizen to get vaccinated, they’re basically forcing the people to comply or suffer the consequences. 

The government won’t directly force the Americans to get vaccinated, but their bosses could.

CNN host Michael Smerconish cited a New York Times report on the excess vaccine inventories during his show on the weekend. “Supply of COVID-19 vaccine now outstrips demand. Consider that on Thursday here in Philadelphia, a mass vaccination site, there were 4,000 extra doses due to expire,” Smerconish stated.

Smerconish continued, “And for the first time, Los Angeles County was projected not to hit its weekly goal of administering 95% of its vaccine supply because appointments for the first dose have decreased by about 50%. This after The New York Times had already reported that in rural, more Republican areas, there are far more doses of the vaccine available than there are people interested in receiving the jab. ”

He suggested that businesses have particular leverage they can use to require their employees to take the vaccinations and restrict public access to private entertainment spaces. Smerconish’s solution proposed to use corporate power — a frequent method used by the government to let the big corporations do the dirty work for them. Stripping a person’s ability to earn a living if he or she refuses to comply.

During President Trump’s administration, they spent four years accusing him of being a fascist who used brutal measures to achieve his objectives. 

Today, it’s clear who the real fascists are. It’s turning out to be all about control. This has nothing to do with public health but a scheme to gain more authority using force.

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  1. I’m all for getting vaccinated but it’s wrong to force people. It’s new and there will be some negative reactions by some people and there are people who have a wait and see attitude. And then there’s some who will refuse it based on religious grounds. These wishes should be respected and those that do get the vaccine shouldn’t have anything to worry about whether some else gets the shot or not. As for CNN, I’d like to give them a few jabs.

  2. Why don’t you address the real problem and the real problem is cancer. No you don’t want to say anything about that. Because I think there is a government cover up when it comes to cancer.


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