CNN Has Been Caught…This Is Epic!


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Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe teased CNN President Jeff Zucker on releasing several tape recordings of the network’s bias.

In a call, O’Keefe informed Zucker that Project Veritas had been recording insider calls for two months and asked, “Do you still feel you’re the most trusted name in the news?”

The CNN president was caught off guard and took a moment before responding, “Thank you for your comments. So, everybody, I think we’ll set up a new system in light of that, and we’ll be back with you. We’ll do the rest of the call a bit later.”

O’Keefe then teased, “We’re gonna release those recordings today, at 7 o’clock, so stay tuned. It’s gonna be fun.”

Zucker made a few comments and appeared to have ended the call.
According to the Project Veritas founder, the organization currently holds tape recordings of several producers and even the network president discussing their motives and describing political philosophy.

The group also recorded the CNN leaders describing how the network does not cover certain topics and admitting that political parties instruct them to cover subjects in a specific manner.

CNN President Zucker, Vice President David Chalian, Marcus Mabry, and Stephanie Becker are among the clips’ individuals.

The clips were set to be released on December 1 at 7 PM Eastern Time.

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