CNN Enters Full Blown Panic Mode Over 4 More Years of Trump


Image Screenshot From Liberal Hivemind YouTube Video Below.

From everything that’s happened in 2020, it seems pretty clear that the Democrats and presidential Democratic nominee Joe Biden have little to no chance of taking control of the White House.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at CNN and how the news network is in full-blown panic mode. The Democrats are starting to realize — although slowly — that they’re going to lose and lose badly.

According to the Liberal Hivemind, the days leading up to the election is pretty much playing out the same way it did in 2016. The Republicans are even doing better this year than they did in 2016, and then-candidate Donald Trump was supposed to lose.


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CNN is, in fact, beginning to realize that they’re losing. In the video, Liberal Hivemind shows two separate instances of CNN hosts having a meltdown as they know they’re losing this year’s election — again.

The first clip they show is of S.E. Cupp from Unfiltered from Home. Cupp is heard beginning her speech, saying that the election is less than a week away before she goes on.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m having some alarming flashbacks in the final stretch of October 2016. Hillary Clinton had a 12 point lead over Trump in an ABC News tracking poll in an Associated Press JFK poll. She had a 14 point lead. And check out this New York Times headline from October 2016. Hillary Clinton has a ninety-one percent chance to win.”

The Liberal Hivemind inserted a meme of a laugh before the clip is continued.

“Now, here we are, just as we were back in October of 2016, with nearly every poll telling us Donald Trump is likely to lose. A brand new CNN poll conducted by SSRS has Joe Biden up by double digits nationwide over Trump. And Biden has consistently led Trump in every CNN poll since 2019.”

“While that should make Joe Biden and his supporters optimistic, the specter of 2016 looms large. And I have an uneasy feeling about what may happen again.”

The clip of Cupp ends, and another clip is shown. This time, it was about a CNN live interview about the final day before the election.

CNN host began by asking David Axelrod about Florida and the statistics of the early voting turnout. Axelrod handled it well and noted that according to the numbers, the Republicans had a more significant lead over the Democrats among the African-American voters, which according to him, was a “concern.”

All of these just prove that the Democrats are only now realizing that they’re losing — much too late, and that’s why CNN now sounds the alarm.

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