Citizens begin patrolling California city after unprovoked attacks.


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In 2020, murders in America were up by 30 percent across the entire country, led by Democrat-run cities such as Chicago, New York, and Seattle. Now, residents in Oakland, California, are being terrorized by unprovoked and random attacks and robberies. In fact, things have gotten to the point that people have started citizen patrols to make the streets safer for their friends, family, and neighbors.


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Jason Rantz reported on Fox News Primetime that a murder took place in the city of Oakland every other day in January. Despite that, the city embraced the defund police movement, which is the opposite of what they should have been doing.

Host Mark Steyn then asked Rantz about how Antifa is inciting the mob against reporters like him. In response, Rantz said that Antifa does it to many people who actually go out into the streets and the crowd.

“We go in because we think it’s actually important to tell people what’s going on. We know that a lot of media outlets are not going to do that. We know that there are media outlets like the competition that pretend it doesn’t actually exist. They’re the arm of the Democratic Party, but it does exist. It is happening,” Rantz explained. “I’ve seen folks who are trying to uncover this sort of thing, getting assaulted.”

In response to Steyn’s question about how it feels to hear about “congressmen sobbing on the floor of the House of Representatives” when they were three blocks away from the violence on January the 6th, Rantz replied:

“There is no doubt that what happened on January 6 was serious, and it is a stain on our history. However, eight months of violence has overtaken American cities. People were murdered, businesses were destroyed, lives were ruined, and that also matters.

We have to pay attention to that.”After thanking Rantz, Steyn ends the interview by saying, “Stay safe on the mean streets of Democrat City.”

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