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After helping President Trump prepare for the first debate against Joe Biden, former Governor Chris Christie backtracks and stabs the president. 

Christie told Breitbart News host Joel Pollak that the president is “hurting himself” and “hurting the country” if he continues to challenge the recent presidential election. 

“I think he’s hurting himself, and I think he’s hurting the country by keeping it going,” stated Christie despite claiming he’s a big Trump supporter. The former governor also said he was the first to endorse Trump among his 2016 opponents, and that they’ve been friends for 20 years. 

Christie also commented he saw no evidence of fraud in the election that could overturn the result, and the courts also said the same despite Sidney Powell’s claims, which still has yet to blow things up. 

“I know losing hurts,” Christie added. 

“I’ve won elections. I’ve lost elections. And losing hurts, but we get into this game, [and] we realize that’s the risk you run. You can lose, and if you do lose, your obligation is to stand up, accept the loss, and move on,” he continued and said the president has full access to the country’s legal system and to any recounts he wanted.

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 Christie remarked he just hadn’t seen the evidence, but President Trump continues to argue simply because he doesn’t want to accept defeat. The former governor also claimed having known Trump for 20 years, the president’s actions don’t surprise him.  

Christie then advised the president to move on and win the Georgia Senate races to have an appropriate check on Biden’s administration as they take over in January. President Trump’s campaign and legal team are unprepared for the election laws changes in several states about ballot canvassing. 

“One of the problems was that we simply — as Republicans and the Trump campaign in particular — we’re not ready,” stated the former governor. 

He said the conservatives should’ve been better at monitoring the elections. The team should’ve been bringing lawsuits before the election to set the rules. 

Christie concluded that President Trump’s legal team and campaign’s lack thereof was a huge mistake. He said the team wasn’t ready, and his experience tells him that challenges after the election would not work. 

Meanwhile, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told Republicans last week to give up.

“This is crazy. It will be killed on arrival. Why are smart people advancing this notion? Let it go. The election is over,” Bush tweeted.

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