CBS’s Gale King Brags to Fauci About the Oddest Thing…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – The Political Insider reports, Gayle King, host of “CBS This Morning,” bragged to Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday that she has banned unvaccinated family members from Thanksgiving because of him.

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All she’s doing is Virtue signaling to Fauci as if to say “Ya see? I’m woke!” Truly pathetic!

You have to take a hard look at yourself and your own issues if you “ban” family members because they’re not vaxed…. More propaganda from mr division.

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  1. I would not eat dinner with her, and I would jump for joy, if she and fauci got a very very bad case of the CCP-VIRUS , right about THANKSGIVING time, some KARMA PAY BACK. ,


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