CBS News Releases Major Story About Biden’s Sexual Assault in Australia but Not America?


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Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz pointed out the “most complete indictment of media bias ever” over the past weekend, and now he wants answers.

Over the weekend, 60 Minutes aired an exclusive interview with Tara Reade, the woman who claims that former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sexually assaulted her when she worked in his Senate office in the early 1990s.

Biden has denied that he has done anything of the sort.

For some reason, CBS News chose to air the exclusive interview in Australia instead of the United States. According to Cruz, this is evidence that shows CBS News is “covering up” for the Democrats.

“This is the most complete indictment of media bias ever. Why does CBS think voters in…Australia need to know about these serious charges against Biden, but not voters in…America (where he’s actually on the ballot)? ONLY explanation is that @CBSNews is covering up for Dems,” Cruz said.

He added, “Please, @CBSNews respond. Either tell us (1) why YOU decided this is news in Australia, but not the USA, or (2) why you have abandoned any pretense at impartiality or journalistic integrity? We’ll wait.”

Reade recounted her allegations against Biden. She also explained why she didn’t tell of what happened until Biden was going to be the Democratic presidential candidate.

“I decided that people needed to know,” Reade said. “He’s going to the highest office in the land. I know what he’s like. I know what his character is like — and he doesn’t deserve the presidency based on what happened to me.”

“He’s been misogynistic, he’s had sexual assault allegations, sexual harassment,” Reade added. “He’s a blue Trump, he’s a blue Trump.”

It’s unclear why CBS News felt the need to air the exclusive interview with Reade on their Australian “60 Minutes,” but not on the United States version.

The only thing the show acknowledged is that Reade’s allegations have received barely noticeable coverage due to the nearing 2020 elections on November 3.

In fact, Reade’s story has received almost no airtime at all in the mainstream media since spring. Biden’s denials were also hardly scrutinized.

All the evidence so far points to CBS News protecting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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