Caught… John Osoff Has Been Hiding His True Agenda


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Another ‘moderate’ Democrat is running for Senate in Georgia. Let’s uncover his story.

John Ossof previously ran for Georgia-6 House of Representatives. He received huge support from Hollywood, with Alyssa Milano even campaigning for him. However, Ossof lost to Republican Karen Handel in the run-off.

Ossof now ambitiously aims for one of Georgia’s Senate seats, challenging current Republican Senator David Perdue. He portrays himself as a moderate Democrat when campaigning in public, yet according to his field organizer, Ossof is actually a true-blue progressive. No pun.

In the hopes that the “rednecks” won’t uncover his story, Ossof plays it “cool” as a moderate left.

According to his field organizer, Dino Nguyen, Ossof has to win the senate seat, but he won’t be able to achieve it as a progressive. “At a certain point, we have to wait for the Boomers to die off,” he continued.

What a terrible thing to say! But wait, there’s more as a Project Veritas journalist went on to goad the filed organizer.

“Do you think Georgians are stupid enough?” asked the journalist.
Nguyen responded, “Yeah. You can spread that to your other progressive friends but keep this on a low key.”

Nguyen claims Ossof tries to depict himself as a moderate Democrat to sway the rednecks, so they’d say, “Oh, he’s kind of cool. But he’s not so far left that I’m not cool with that.”

Ossof apparently is a deep-down low-key progressive. Nguyen, as a progressive himself, admitted it makes him pumped-up, especially that he believes Ossof will win.

Other video footage shows the field organizer saying Ossof is careful in his campaigns because he’s in a red state. He claims people in the purple and red states are “not open-minded.”

Nguyen’s racist remarks then followed. He said that if Ossof runs as a Progressive within the Black neighborhood of Georgia’s 5th District, he could win in a landslide. Yet, Ossof has a much higher ambition and went for Senate instead. To run for the Senate seat, he has to appeal to the whole state, which isn’t progressive but moderate.

The organizer then told the journalist that is a “libertarian socialist.” Where did he even get that? Such ideologies are completely different and incompatible.

Libertarianism promotes individual freedom, while socialism is collectivism.

Nguyen needs to go back to school.

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