Cardi B’s Reaction to Abolishing the Police Will Leave You in Shock


The Next News Network – Ryan Saavedra from The Daily Wire reports, Controversial rapper Cardi B came out against defunding the police in a now-deleted tweet on Thursday night where she dismissed the idea as “BS.” In responding to a tweet that stated, “defund the police,” Cardi B said, “That’s bulls**t to me.”

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And then she deleted the tweet cause she didn’t wanna get canceled for telling her truth.

Huh. I tried really hard, but I just don’t give a shit what Cardi-0 B thinks.

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  1. I am shocked that she would oppose defunding. Especially after what happened in Columbus. Many Celebs WHINED about Police killing that girl who was shot trying to kill another Teen. I applaud her for showing more sense than many of those in her Business


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