Can They Force Us To Take The COVID Vaccine


Can They Force Us To Take The COVID Vaccine

Our “normal” lives seem to be ages ago since a “notorious” coronavirus assaulted country after country, without regard to age, race, and gender.

Who would have thought that the world economy would be put on hold, let alone, lockdowns, whether inter-nation or domestic, would be imposed to reduce the virus’s spread?

Next is the mandatory wearing of face masks, which restricts breathing making it utterly uncomfortable even to speak and communicate clearly, not to mention the hassle of wearing it all day outdoors.


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A former Olympian, Kerri Walsh Jennings, echoed the sentiments of several when she inspired to take a stand against wearing a face mask inside a grocery store on Labor Day. While many agreed with her, some also condemned the small rebellion.

As expected, Jennings received backlash for being “selfish,” thus publishing her public apology on Monday but stated she worries that the masks are a “potential starting point for so much more.”

Jennings’s reason is actually on-point. People in public places not wearing a mask usually take judgment as being selfish. They are viewed as uncaring for not conforming to the small inconvenience of masking with regards to others. However, the truth might be otherwise.

Setting the wearing of a mask as “mandatory” stifles the people’s right to refuse due to reasons such as restricted airflow, mess with the eyesight, being uncomfortable, etc.

Mandatory mask policies also become a precedent for other compulsory systems. Since masks are relatively cheap and pretty bearable to use, most Americans, quite surprisingly, comply with the requirement. However, several worries that a mandatory vaccine would also be imposed once it becomes available to the public.

States mostly issue vaccine mandates, and current exemptions come in three forms, primarily: personal belief/philosophical exemption, religious exemption, and medical condition exemption. The said three exemptions have been pushed to be abolished by some bureaucrats and doctors, and have already been removed by several Democratic states.

Virginia Health Commissioner, Dr. Norman Oliver, spilled to a local news outlet that he would require the COVID-19 vaccine be taken to Virginians as long as he remains as the health commissioner when it becomes publicly available.

Governor Northam’s office, however, was quick to refute Dr. Oliver’s claim but said they were “confident” that the Virginians will seek the vaccine for themselves when available. Yet, what happens when only a few would take it?

Americans have gotten used to mandatory vaccinations even at an early age in school. However, the level of trust in the government on a new vaccine, particularly for COVID-19, is relatively low due to the prevailing political agenda of many.

Last month, WebMD published an article about a conducted poll with results – only 42% of Americans who answered the survey said they would get vaccinated for COVID-19 if and when it is made available.

Pushing a mandate largely unaccepted sounds unhealthy – a contrary to its real purpose.

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