Cameraman Gets Close-Up of Biden’s Note Card at G7 Summit


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reports, A closeup photo from OAN at the G7 conference shows exactly what President Joe Biden and his handlers are putting on his pathetic flash cards. Biden has proven to be a total embarrassment on the world stage this past week and it now appears that he is trying to pin America’s current problems on former President Donald Trump.

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Joe is playing president and is clearly not The President!!!! What a joke this is and the media covers for him.

They are Democrats they will never take responsibility for their failures.

Sorry Joe….looks like President Trump is still living in the White House rent free.

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  1. For God’s sake, please remove me from your communication lists. I couldn’t be less in agreement with your point of view!!

    Thank you!

  2. I look at senile Joe’s presidency as a comedy show and every time he makes some kind of speech or has a press conference it’s humorous. Some say they feel sorry for senile Joe, but I don’t. He made all this big talk about beating up Trump behind the gym, but Trump could easily mop the floor with senile Joe. And senile Joe put himself in the position he’s in, now. No sympathy for someone who knows he’s unfit to be president and even went so far as to steal the election. Senile Joe is just a clown.


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