California Passes ‘Guaranteed Income Plan’…


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Fox News
– Dr. Nicole Saphier, Joe Concha, Leo Tyrell and Carley Shimkus join ‘The Big Sunday Show’ to discuss The Golden State’s decision despite nationwide worker shortages.

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He is buying people’s votes. NOTHING IS FREE someone has to pay for it.

If you want a better example of buying votes you’ll never find one.

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  1. he’s the perfect progressive democrat who likes socialism and is as cunning as they come. Look for this communist in waiting to be on the next short list for democrat party candidate for President!!

  2. It won’t be long before californication asks for a government bailout. They will get without any fuss since the “big guy” is there to give all our tax money to any democrat state that asks for it. It will be hidden as “infrastructure” money but still a bailout nevertheless.

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