Busted: New Photos Emerge from Gavin Newsom’s Dinner Party


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

Gov. Gavin Newsom confirmed he and his family would undergo a 14-day quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 through a highway patrol officer. 


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“We are grateful for all the officers that keep our family safe and for every frontline worker who continues to go to work during this pandemic,” posted the California governor on social media. 

He said he and his wife learned later Friday evening that three of their children were exposed to a California Highway Patrol Officer who tested COVID-19 positive. 

“Jen and I had no direct interaction with the officer and wished them a speedy recovery. Thankfully, the entire family tested negative today. However, consistent with local guidance, we will be quarantined for 14 days,” the governor added.

Fox Los Angeles published the Newsom couple’s photos on social media regarding an infamous dinner party. The images raised questions over the governor’s apology when he stated the event was held “outdoors.”

Bill Melugin of Fox LA reported, “We’ve obtained photos of Governor Gavin Newsom at the Napa dinner party he’s in hot water over,” adding the photos called the venue into question. 

“A witness who took photos tells us his group was so loud, the sliding doors had to be closed,” continued the report. 

On Wednesday, the criticisms against Newsom grew worse when two guests in the party were identified as California Medical Association officials. 

According to Politico, officials from California Medical Association were seated next to Gov. Newsom in the ridiculed opulent birthday dinner of a top California political operative at a French Laundry restaurant.

Fox LA published that CEO Dustin Corcoran and top lobbyist Janus Norman of California Medical Association joined the lavish dinner. The event was held in celebration of the 50th birthday of the longtime adviser of the governor, Jason Kinney.

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