Brutal Christmas Message Delivered to Dr. Fauci


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Dr. Anthony Fauci has once again made headlines — this time, after asking Americans to cancel Christmas.

“It’s just one of those things you’re going to have to accept,” he began. He went on to say that he would not be allowing his three daughters to come home for Christmas this year.

He wants all Americans to “painfully” isolate, even saying that he and his wife will be spending the holiday alone.

Author Wayne Allyn Root had a message for Dr. Fauci, which began with: “First, not just no. HELL NO. This is America. This is a free country. If we want to celebrate Christmas, we will. If we want to go to church, we will. If we want to spend the holidays with our children, we will.”

“We’re adults. We make our own decisions,” Root continued. “This isn’t a nanny state. It’s not the Soviet Union. It’s not Nazi Germany. We don’t need government bureaucrats telling us what to do, how to live our lives, or how to spend the holidays.”

“Second, you’re a typical Ivy League egghead. You’re too smart for your own good. You have IQ but clearly no emotional intelligence. And certainly no common sense,” Root added. “Third, how can I see this nicely? SCREW YOU. I love my family. I love my children. I love Christmas. I don’t know you. I don’t owe you. And I don’t answer to you.”

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Root went on to say that he loves his family and has all four of his kids home for Christmas. “Celebrating holidays with your children is what life is all about,” he said. “I’d rather risk the astronomically low risk of death from COVID-19 and see my children for Christmas than risk the misery, loneliness, and depression that comes from isolation and lockdowns.”

Root then ended his letter by giving some advice to Fauci and his “Democratic pals”: “This is America. We’re a nation of rebels, mavericks, and independent thinkers. And we’re a nation of risk-takers. That’s what makes us the greatest nation in world history. We face risk with courage.”

According to him, Dr. Fauci should instead do his best to “shut up and keep your opinions to yourself.”

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