Breaking: Pence Breaks His Silence on Relationship with Trump…


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– Alex Nitzberg from Just the News reports, Former Vice President Mike Pence said during a Thursday speech in New Hampshire that he has talked with former President Trump “many times” in the wake of their departure from office.

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Doesn’t matter, he sold out to the swamp. His political career is ruined!

No Mike, you’ll never be able to get Trump’s and Conservatives trust again.

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  1. Mike, you sided with the RINOs and democrats. Politicians like you are the LAST thing we need in the republican party.

  2. Mike, you are the reason we are in the crisis we are not you alone. You had a job to do and that was to defend the USA. You let us down and now look at the country. I will NEVER trust you. Please do not take any credit for what Trump accomplished. You proved that you had no part in the good that Trump did and tried to do during his 4 years. You sat on the sidelines and then when it was something that you could do, you let the country down. Shame on you.


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