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The Next News Network – Haley Victory Smith from Washington Examiner reports, A federal judge rejected lawsuit claims against federal officials related to the clearing of protesters from Lafayette Square near the White House last summer.

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It’s hard to stop the TRUMP train unless you derail it by election fraud.

Trump is a friend of All-America he doesn’t care what color you are it’s the content of your character that counts

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  1. The judge dismissed the case but prosecutor has turned everything over to a grand jury to see if the can come up something.
    The worst they came up with was employees not paying taxes on some perks they received.
    Mr. Prosecutors how many times have you got perks like maybe a put up night in a hotel when you travel or get little bonus for a job well done and maybe you yourself accidentally maybe forgot it report it???

    • Or how about the paid hooker that shows up at the hotel which is also paid for. Oooops! I forgot. The paid hooker was Kamala Harris.


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