Breaking: Giuliani Shows Proof that Joe Biden Received Money from China


Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Former New York City Mayor and Trump’s personal lawyer (Rudy Giuliani) shows proof that Joe Biden enriched himself and his family through his son, Hunter Biden.

Damning allegations all started when New York Post published a blockbuster story about an email from a Burisma executive to Hunter Biden, proving that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business deals despite his insistent denial.

The story gained even more popularity when two media giants, Twitter and Facebook, censored the post. In what could have been an attempt to cover it, the censorship only put the controversy in the spotlight. 


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What we know is that Hunter Biden sat on the notoriously corrupt energy company Burisma board when his father, now Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, was the then vice president and in charge of US policy relations to Ukraine.

When Burisma was hot to the Ukrainian government’s eyes, one of its executives reportedly sought advice and help from Joe Biden, who had a hold of the country’s government.

A month later, the Former Vice President flew to Ukraine and threatened its then-President to choose between a billion of US aid or the top prosecutor looking into the Burisma case. The Ukraine government chose to let go of its top prosecutor. Joe Biden bragged about the incident.

We have thought then he was protecting his son, but with Giuliani’s claims, Joe Biden must be protecting his financial interest.

In an interview, the former NYC mayor shared with Newsmax TV a graphic of a purported text messages of Hunter Biden to his daughter. 

Hunter told his daughter that he had been financially supporting the family for 30 years, and his Pop (Joe Biden) required him to give him half of his salary.

This indicates that half of whatever Hunter receives thru business deals would be submitted to Joe in exchange for his father’s use of influence.

Giuliani calls the set-up the method of Chinese corruption where the money is being given to the family, not directly to whom they’re dealing with nor the wife because it has to be reported.

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