Breaking: Every Gun Reform Bill Just Got Derailed…



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Since Black Lives Matter protestants and Antifa thugs began their “peaceful riots,” more and more people around the country found themselves thinking that they could not only rely on the police for protection.

Well, Just The News has recently reported that gun ownership has become increasingly popular — even among Democrats.

According to Just The News, a poll showed that a majority of voters prefer to live in a state where gun ownership is legal.

63 percent said that they would prefer to “live where individuals are allowed to own guns,” while only 26 percent said they would rather reside “where guns are outlawed.” The remaining 12 percent answered that they were unsure.

Of all Republicans who answered the survey, 83% said they would prefer to live in gun-friendly areas. Meanwhile, nearly half — 45% — of Democrats surveyed said the same.

In hindsight, these poll results are not surprising. After all, people want to be able to protect themselves and their families.

And, this poll just derailed every gun reform bill by showing why the Democrats will have an even harder time passing theirs.

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