BLM Storms the Iowa Capitol Building, Chaos Erupts!


Last week, BLM activists stormed the Iowa Capitol Building. If you have not heard this news, it should come as no surprise as the mainstream media did not report on this.


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Trending Politics reports that the Des Moines Black Liberation Movement Collective played a huge role in the protest. According to We Are Iowa, the activists were protesting against “racial and dangerous” bills.

The activists were reportedly demonstrating against a recently proposed legislation that would “increase immunity for police and increase penalties for some protest-related offenses.”

As always, the activists demanded “justice.” This time, it was for Philandro Castile and several BLM icons such as Eric Garner and George Floyd. In the video below, the activists can be seen lying on the ground and shouting, “I can’t breathe!”

It started off as a “peaceful protest” but quickly escalated into chaos when police officers arrested an 18-year-old who allegedly assaulted an officer. In the video, protesters can be heard repeatedly yelling at the officers that they were arresting a “kid.”

“Police say an altercation between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and officers at the state Capitol on Wednesday ignited when a protester in a crowd that tried to pull two people from police custody allegedly jumped on an officer’s back, put him in a chokehold, and managed to disarm him,” said the Des Moines Register.

As always, BLM demands “justice” even when the evidence shows that the police officers’ actions were justified. After all, the medical examiner’s report had shown no evidence that physical trauma had caused Floyd’s death.

Since Floyd’s death in May 2020, the riots fueled by Antifa and BLM in 140 cities have caused at least $2 billion in damages, at least nine people killed, and hundreds of arrests in 21 states.

How far will the Biden administration let Antifa and BLM take their “peaceful protests”?

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  1. Decent people don’t use language such as that around “kids.” And well raised “kids” don’t rush into government buildings and charge state troopers. That “kid” is a future career criminal like all the people they are protesting over where once again broke the law and ended up dead due to their own action.


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