BLM Founder is Busted for Fraud


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If you’ve thought at one point that the Black Lives Matter movement might have some purpose and a legitimate aim behind their protests and ideas of reform, you’re bound to be greatly disappointed by one of its chapter founders.

Sir Maejor Page, 32 years old, is the founder of BLM’s Atlanta chapter. He has allegedly used hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of donations for his purpose and gain. 

He was able to raise $466,000 on Facebook, but it’s very unclear where all the money went. There was no proof at all that he used it for any philanthropic endeavors or charity.

According to Fox News, the FBI arrested Page on fraud and money laundering charges.

On Friday, he was accused of using $200,000 from the donations he raised through Facebook for his own gain. He was arrested in Toledo and released on a bond after he appeared before a judge on video.

As it turns out, Page, whose real name is Tyree Conyers-Page, has been under investigation since last year for fraud. Page had founded Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta back in 2016, and in just three months of this year, he has taken in more than $466,000 in donations. The period was from June, July, and August.

“In sum, Page has spent over $200,000 on personal items generated from donations received through BLMGA Facebook page with no identifiable purchase or expenditure for social or racial justice,” FBI agent Matthew Desorbo said.

Page had promised that those donations were to be used “for George Floyd,” but instead, he spent the money for food, dining, entertainment, clothing, furniture, a home security system, tailored suits, and even accessories.

According to the FBI, Page also bought a house for himself in Toledo, Ohio using the funds from the donations. He spent $112,000 on the house which he had just bought last month.

Page had become a familiar face at Black Lives Matter marches in Atlanta starting 2016. He had joined the Black activists who met with then-Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed and demanded changes to be made in police training and tactics.

At that time, Page had already been arrested several times for impersonating a police officer.

Although the people who join the Black Lives Matter movement may have a purpose and may believe that they are doing the right thing, it seems that even a leader of the movement is not innocent, nor is he out to do good.

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