BLM Activist is Charged with Attempted Murder


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Expect the Black Lives Matter activists to create chaos even when another group stages a peaceful protest.

While the pro-Trump supporters prefer peace, their counterparts, especially the BLM, prefer violence. And they have once again proven to be the bad guys.

Attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon were charged to a woman after plowing through a crowd of President Trump’s supporters during a California protest, Saturday.


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According to Daily Wire, the driver, identified as Tatiana Turner, 40, is the founder of Caravan4Justice, a pro-Black Lives Matter group.

“The driver, believed to be part of the Caravan for Justice, continued to leave the parking lot and was detained a short distance away from the incident,” said the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Turner struck a man and a woman who were brought to a nearby hospital. Both victims sustained major injuries but are expected to survive, the officials continued.

The Daily Mail supplied information about the BLM activist.

A gathering of 250 people sparked violence, one group countering the other side. Caravan4Justice, a supporter of Black Lives Matter, stage a counter-protest to President Trump’s supporters.

Federal records show that Tatiana Turner filed a trademark application for her group, Caravan4Justice, in July. A GoFundMe campaign also names her as the group’s ‘founder.’

“The people in the crowd that were hit belong to the Trump support group,” Sgt. Dennis Breckner of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

Could the BLM anarchist be any lower?

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