BLM Activist Films Her Death in the Capitol, Why Was He There?


Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.


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On Wednesday night, John Sullivan from Utah was interviewed by CNN following the shooting and death of Ashli Babbit by the Capitol Hill police.

Sullivan is a noted leftist leader from Utah who stormed the US Capitol with Trump supporters and others on Wednesday.

In August, John Sullivan had threatened to rip President Trump from the White House during violence in Washington DC. Sullivan had then flown to DC for the protests.

Amy Mek from RAIR wrote on the story: “The founder of the radical left-wing activist group Insurgence USA, John Sullivan, was inside the capitol & filmed Ashli Babbit lying in a pool of blood dying!“

She then cited Sullivan’s arrest in July of 2020 for his part in “coordinating the intimidation and violence against Provo Utah drivers.” According to Amy Mek, “Sullivan is a well-known violent agitator in Utah who was arrested for violence against conservatives.”

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