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Let’s face it. President Trump’s administration has created the fastest growing economy, which was on an upward trajectory pre-COVID. He also built every demographic, regardless of sex, race, and color, to do better.  

Opportunites overflowed even to the minorities more than during the previous administration of the country’s first-ever black president.  

While most blacks supported Biden in the recent presidential election, several prominent black leaders recognize President Trump’s greatness and make America livable for the blacks in general. 

According to CNS News, Project 21 Black Leadership Network applauded the current administration in a press release “for policies that have brought back jobs — particularly in black communities — after businesses were devastated earlier this year by COVID-19 lockdowns.”

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper stated, “The news just keeps getting better.” He said that President Trump’s free-market policies have significantly lowered the unemployment rate at the fastest level in history! It’s stunning how from almost 15 percent, the jobless rate dropped to below 7 percent in less than a year.

“Incredibly, the unemployment rate is now lower than it was during Obama’s entire first term,” Cooper said.

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“Notably, black Americans lead the employment gains – the exact opposite of the experience of the Obama years,” he continued.

The group also noted that the US economy in November added 245,000 jobs, consistently declining unemployment for the 7th straight month since the pandemic’s onslaught. 

November recorded an overall unemployment rate of 6.7 percent, a far cry from April’s 14.4 percent as businesses closed down across the country. 

Meanwhile, the November unemployment rate for black workers was 10.3 percent from 16.7 percent in April when the lockdown effect battered the economy. 

Recalling the data last year, the November 2019 unemployment rate for black Americans was 5.6 percent, near the historic 5.4 percent in August of the same year.  

A Project 21 member, Donna Jackson, also said, “Unemployment continues to decline fastest for those who need jobs the most right now — black Americans, Hispanics and other minorities.” 

The positive rate represents another milestone of President Trump’s administration’s oath to the black community.

Jackson added, “Even in the face of ill-advised lockdowns, I’m grateful that the White House continues to deliver for all Americans – especially black Americans like me.” 

Project 21 said in its press release that more than half of black Americans forced out of work during the lockdowns are once again employed – far outpacing the Obama administration’s progress after the 2008 recession. 

Another Project 21 member, Derryck Green, commented that the job gains in November exhibited the economy’s resilience despite the addiction of liberal state governments to socioeconomic lockdowns.”

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