Bizarre Chainsaw Attack Leads to Viral Video


Image Screenshot From Tieesha Essex YouTube Video Below.

A man who chased a black woman while holding a chainsaw and screaming racial insults faces hate crime charges in Lincoln, Nebraska. The terrifying event could have been straight out from the movies – a gore tragedy, but the victim successfully outran the attacker.


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The victim, Norma Nimox, is still in shock when police arrived and arrested the aggressor.

Business owner Tieesha Essex made a video out of the incident, which has since become viral. She took the opportunity to encourage women to carry firearms as additional security and protection.

Essex is a military veteran and police officer who owns, a company that offers firearms accessories such as holsters. In the video, Essex posed as the victim, Norma Nimox, and took the story in a new direction.

Essex didn’t expect the video to become viral. She then asked the real victim to visit her YouTube channel for an interview.

The military veteran encouraged Nimox to train in firearms and begin carrying as protection from future violence. Essex even offered to shoulder the expenses in training in Nebraska.

A pro-Second Amendment movement has been circulating in black communities, where physical violence is rampant. Maj Toure, founder of “Black Guns Matter,” has led to opening up America’s self-defense culture.

The group targets the minorities that lack the knowledge of using firearms. The following video shows Toure discussing gun control and racism.

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