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The Next News Network – Alex Nitzberg from Just the News reports, The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday passed legislation that would remove Confederate statues and busts from the Capitol building. The 285-120 vote divided Republican lawmakers, with 67 voting in favor and 120 voting against the bill.

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Funny I don’t recall voting for that. The government is taking us on.

The dems just want to destroy America and its contents. They are just sick.

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  1. This is pure BS! When the dummycrat militant wing, Antifa/BLM, started vandalizing statues they started with confederates, then Columbus, then they went after U.S. Grant, Lincoln (because he was a republican), and even Fredrick Douglas. I’m not from the south and my ancestors didn’t come to the USA until AFTER the Civil War. So I have no connection to any confederate monuments, but after what happened last year I can see the madness starting with confederate monuments and spreading to ALL monuments. It’s nothing more than another step toward communism.

  2. ADD TO HISTORY … NEVER SUBTRACT. … It Is Simple Math. ADD A STATUE OF YOUR OWN! … You Cannot Change The PAST! … You Can Only CHANGE THE FUTURE! … Leave The PAST ALONE! … Let’s Make The FUTURE BETTER! … FYI ( America is White + Black = To Late For A Race War!) … It Makes Anyone Stirring The Pot Of Racism? Ignorant. … We Are ONE PEOPLE! WE ARE ALL AMERICAN’S! UNITED WE STAND! … DIVIDED WE SHALL FALL! … That is what the race hater’s are working toward! …. DIVIDING US! And DISARMING US! And Making Us Fight Among Ourselves? … Let’s Smarten Up! Say ENOUGH.

  3. When will they replace all the History books for which, will have very little mention the confederate soldiers or the Civil War??Some schools have already changed their name and many street names too. WHat’s next on the chopping block? …Freedom, as we know it? Dividing us as a nation is a paid for plan. Socialism is taking place and, even those who feel rewarded due to the recent name changes and statue removals, don’t recognize that they too are being duped and will be under socialist rule. The present admin is all for “one” and, nothing but total control of it’s citizens, immigrants, legal or not! The outrageous spending of our tax dollars by this admin will never be repaid. The rule of “no taxation” without representation” by voters is out the window!! The debt will loom over this country for decades. Citizens will have no control of their earnings…there will be no voting for anything and no real freedom for ANYONE. Our conservative leaders who we voted for, have been bought off!! All of us need to unite! Be aware…be very aware!!!

  4. We need to replace Pelosi et al. Demons and Repubs, distoying, or removing anything that represents our History, is not different than the ISIS destroying things in the Middle East, or the Communist removing things as well. This destroys Culture crap only leads to more division in this country and is caused by just a few unhinged Jackass. Believe me when I say, “This will definitely come back to haunt them”, as “What comes around goes around”.


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