Biden’s Radical COVID Doctor ‘Living Too Long is Also a Loss’


Image From Dr. Steven W. Thrasher Twitter Post Below.

Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy Chair Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel of the University of Pennsylvania would be included in the coronavirus task force that “president-elect” Joe Biden plans to set-up. 


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It could be noted that in a 2014 essay in The Atlantic, Dr. Emanuel explained why he hoped to pass away when he reaches 75. He said living past the age would be morally problematic. 

The doctor began to say that a simple truth many of us resist is that living too long depicts a loss. Old age renders most of the population disabled – a faltering and declining state that may not seem worse than death but could actually be depriving.

Aging robs us of the youthful ability and creativity to contribute to work to the society and nation. It changes how people perceive, experience, and relate to us. Elders are no longer remembered as engaged and vibrant but ineffectual, and feeble.

Dr. Emanuel declared that by the time he reaches 75, he would’ve lived a complete life, loved, and been loved. He visualized his children to grow and enjoying their rich lives. By then, he hopes to see his grandchildren born and beginning their lives.

The doctor. aims to pursue his life’s projects and make contributions regardless of importance. Also, he hoped not to have too many mental and physical limitations.

“Dying at 75 will not be a tragedy,” said the doctor.

A complete change on the approach to health care would also be one of the things he hopes to do when he turns 75.

Dr. Emanuel clarified he won’t actively end his life but won’t try to prolong it either. He said that it becomes mandatory to give a good reason why we refuse to undergo a test or treatment recommended by a doctor to extend lives.

Yet, 75 for Dr. Emanuel defines a “clear point in time.” reaching the age of 2032. For him, it removes the fuzziness of trying to extend his life as long as possible. The target specifically forces one to think about the end of life and engage with deep existential questions on what one would leave a legacy.

According to Dr. Emanuel, “The deadline also forces each of us to ask whether our consumption is worth our contribution.”

It’s quite contradicting how Dr. Emanuel views the lives of the elderly against his would-be duty as part of the COVID-19 task force. He thinks lives beyond 75 wouldn’t be as useful.

Does this mean he would only save the young? The elders are more prone to the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, “president-elect” Joe Biden turns 78 on the 20th of November.

Ironic, isn’t it?

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