Biden’s Latest Executive Orders Restricting Your Freedom…


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According to Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn, President Joe Biden’s new executive orders are “restricting our freedoms.”


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Still, in his first 10 days in office, Biden has been issuing executive orders one after the other, and he has so far issued more than any of his predecessors.

During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s Fox & Friends Sunday, Blackburn did not hold back and commented on Biden’s executive orders immediately upon entering office.

Some of the orders include rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and halting the

Keystone XL Pipeline construction. According to Blackburn, Biden’s orders curry China’s favor “by restricting our freedoms.” She added that Republicans could fight his orders by “playing block and tackle,” which she explained is filing legislation to prevent it.

“People are watching this, and they are depressed,” Blackburn told host Will Cain. “They are looking [at] what has happened with the climate change, with the Paris Climate Accords, with stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. They are looking at how he is giving favors to China by restricting our freedoms.”

She later added, “Here is what we know: his actions this week have adversely impacted one million jobs either eliminating or adversely impacting — opening the border to drug cartels, to labor gangs, to gangs, to human traffickers, sex traffickers; making certain that fuel that you’ve got that crude in Canada that is going to be heading over to China and then sold back to us. These are things that do not help the U.S. economy.”

Last week, Blackburn introduced “the Stop Greenlighting Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Act will punish sanctuary jurisdictions and block certain federal funds to states that harbor illegal aliens.”

The legislation she co-sponsored with Buck “withholds certain federal grants for states that give driver licenses to illegal immigrants and shield criminal illegal immigrants from deportation.”

“No town in America is secure from criminals and terrorists if our borders aren’t policed, and federal immigration laws aren’t fully enforced,” Blackburn had said. “This country is governed by the rule of law. We should not reward illegal aliens with driver licenses when they fail to follow the proper legal process.”

During a press release, Senators Cramer, Blackburn, and their colleagues spoke about the Stop Greenlighting Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Act, which is a “legislation to block certain federal funds to sanctuary states, including states that defy federal immigration enforcement or that allow illegal aliens to get driver licenses without proof of lawful presence.”

“States that grant licenses to illegal immigrants are undermining immigration enforcement efforts and threatening public safety,” said Senator Cramer. “Our legislation imposes real consequences on the states that ignore federal immigration law but still take millions in federal funds. It’s a commonsense step to help make America safe.”

The Stop Greenlighting Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Act reportedly allows the Department of Justice to withhold Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAC) Program grant funds from states that offer driver licenses illegal immigrants or forbid law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

The bill also makes these states ineligible for future JAC grants until they comply with federal immigration laws. It also requires offending states to return unobligated money within 30 days.

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