Biden Signs a Mask Mandate and Breaks His Own Rule!


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

Just hours after signing an executive order mandating the wearing of masks on federal property, Joe Biden strikes, including his family, who didn’t wear any masks in the Lincoln memorial.


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The self-righteous POTUS even lectured the Americans in an Inauguration Day tweet about the use of face masks.

As usual, the liberal media felt proud of their president for his “brave” executive order. Yet, as it always turns out, they are all hypocrites just the same.

Below footage shows Joe Biden visiting the Lincoln memorial without a face mask on. How could he so easily forget to wear one when even his Press Secretary heavily featured the executive order in her very first press briefing.

Could it be that Biden didn’t read the document before signing? Highly possible.

Social media users didn’t take long to attack him on Twitter for his hypocrisy. In fact, the whole Biden family went about without wearing masks.

Running to save him is, of course, the liberal media who would do anything to cover Joe. Their silence on the issue is deafening; you could actually hear crickets – the very reason why we have to take it upon ourselves to spread the word because the mainstream media still choose to be bias and unreliable.

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