Biden Reveals the Great Mask Con Job


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On Friday, while he was campaigning in Nevada, Joe Biden did something spontaneously that revealed how he does not really believe masks offer protection against COVID-19.

Biden considers the mask mandate useful because he has been able to dub President Trump the “super spreader” since he doesn’t always wear them when he is close to others.

The main reason for wearing a mask is to capture droplets, and a cough is the most powerful spreader of droplets. And yet, Biden pulled down his mask so he could cough into his hand. Where’s the logic in that?


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By coughing into his hand, he contaminated it and made it possible to spread the virus by touching other people or objects. If it were President Trump who had done that, the mainstream media would be all over it.

The truth is that masks offer little protection against the virus unless they are tight, fitted against the face, and hard to breathe through like N95 masks. In reality, Florida, which stopped enforcing mask mandates by local authorities two weeks ago, has seen no increase in COVID-19 cases.

All this has just proven that having to wear masks is a con. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was seen without a mask when she forced a salon to reopen for her personal use. Biden, just last week, took off his mask to cough into his hand — which should’ve been a big no. Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolfe joked about the “political theatre” of masks when he was caught by an open mic talking with a Democratic state representative.

Pelosi, Biden, and Wolfe all know that it’s a con, which is why Pelosi can go out without one, why Biden can pull his down without trouble, and why Wolfe can joke about it.

For the public who believe in what our leaders tell them, masks are their protection against the coronavirus. They believe that wearing a mask only falls short of gaining immunity against the virus. They even wear masks while jogging, riding a bike, or driving alone — all because they believe that all our leaders are out for the good of the citizens.

The problem is, the media seems to know that it’s a con act and they’re in on it, too.

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