Biden Promises to Gut Religious Freedom


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Biden’s boldly promised gutting religious freedom protections to fight “discrimination” against the LGBT+ community.

In an interview with Philadelphia Gay News on Wednesday, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden said Trump promoted “hate” by protecting religious freedom in what Biden sees as “discrimination.”

Biden alleged that the Trump-Pence administration has allowed hate against the LGBTQ+ people and pulled back the rainbow group’s protections. He claimed the administration blocked the LGBTQ+ community’s ability to serve the country. Biden thinks they have been denied access to critical health care and were rejected adoption. 

In his interview, the former vice president condemned the “discrimination” from adoption agencies, faith-based homeless shelters, and other charities that refuse endorsement of transgender identity, same-sex marriage, and experimental cross-sex surgeries and drugs.

He sounded as though following one’s belief is an act of “discrimination.”

The democrat proposed to pass his pro-LGBT Equality Act within the first 100 days if he wins and if his fellow Democrats hold the Senate and House. 

“It’s wrong to deny people access to services or housing because of who they are or who they love,” Biden said.

The former vice president’s pledges may sound inclusive but rather deceptive. 

Leftists alike have twisted the notion of discrimination to force religious people in turning against their beliefs.

For example, a Christian baker, Jack Phillips, refused a client’s request for a custom-made same-sex wedding cake. Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled he discriminated, although he sells pre-made cakes to LGBTQ+ people in his bakeshop. 

Baker appealed the case to the Supreme Court and won. 

Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation this year to force Christian schools and ministries to employ people opposing their religious views on sexuality and gender.  

A lawsuit challenged the new laws arguing it forces “people of faith to adopt a particular government ideology under threat of punishment.”

Indeed, Biden might be shoving the transgender ideology deep down the throat. 

The democrat proclaimed to support the state and federal process to allow the “accurate representation” of every non-binary person or transgender.

Biden believes transgender identity is an “accurate representation” instead of biological sex. This scenario has proven to cause confusion and even lethal. 

A particularly tragic case is when a transgender man – a biological woman who ‘transformed’ into a man – arrived at a hospital in labor. However, since her documents listed her as a male and appeared as a manthe doctors did not treat her condition like pregnancy. Her baby died in the process. 

Biden has badly mischaracterized Trump’s policies, altering its real notion. 

The president required the military to admit the troops according to biological sex and not their gender identity. The gesture was not a “ban” on transgender people yet an acknowledgment of biological sex, which has proven to be extremely significant in the health care and military. Women and men physiologically react differently to some medications. 

Also, Trump protected medical groups from paying for transgender surgery. Such is what Biden refers to as denying LGBTQ+ people access to critical health care.” Several transgender people regretted surgeries that made them permanently scarred.

Several adoption agencies and homeless shelters are also religious charities who extend help due to their beliefs. Mandating them to accept biological men identifying as women where the vulnerable biological women are sheltered might be unsafe for the latter. 

Several adoption agencies have refused to be dictated and would rather shut down than violate their conscience. Biden-style administration policies would, therefore, leave the children hanging.

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