Biden: No Comment, Just Watch…


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Biden: No Comment, Just Watch…

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Biden was in 3 states today. Unconscious, self-conscious, and disoriented.

bru the president (opinion) should be witty, sharp and conscious of his surroundings, kinda like that Trump guy

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  1. Charging stations all over the country. What’s going to happen when power grids go down due to over usage of power due to heat or freezes? No one can power up their cars/trucks or businesses their cars/trucks. Wind stations NEED oil and grease to keep them turning.
    Do you even know how much it would cost to electrify trains all over this country? You want to green this country? Quit cutting down trees, quit building concrete buildings, quit installing concrete patios or rock gardens. Quit lining your pockets with Americans money while saying America has a problem, when YOU’RE the problem in the first place. Quit dividing our country in the name of hate and race. God created us all as equal. Man divides us into races. Man can also unite us as one race. The human race.
    Who has the mind set to do that? Or will we go down in history as having another civil war?
    United we stand.
    Divided we fall.
    People, we are being pitted one against another, while the powers that be, stand off to the side laughing and watching us go at one another. So while we kill one another off in the name of hatred and race and genderism, it’s less people they have to control. We’re just a bunch of pawns in their game of chess. And people like Biden, spewing their lies and too many believing him.
    This isn’t about going green or infrastructure, it’s always been about control of the masses. THEY CONTROL IT ALL.

  2. California asked electric vehicle owners not to charge their cars last week during the heat wave because they might cause the electric grid to collapse. Maybe California should use its tax dollars to upgrade the electric grid instead of spending tax dollars to care for, educate and give money to illegals.


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