Biden in Trouble: Massive Blowback is Coming…


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Ben Shapiro – Shapiro explains why American’s won’t stand for the incompetence of Biden’s spend first, tax later policy and how it will impact the 2022 elections.

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It doesn’t matter, he’s protected by his crooked backers.

Why’s he pushing to buy American when he sells America out and buys Chinese? We had a president who ran with an “American First” policy. Biden is a joke.

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  1. JO tells us one reason ran for President is to build the back bone of America. Really?????? He has seriously broken our back bone. He’s done nothing but bull shit us with and will keep it up until his power is taken away or he dies. I read that JO has never been in the White let alone lived in the White House. He lives in a replica White House??? The Dems are all about lies. What is wrong with them. Think for them it is all about power and not doing what is right for America.

    • You left out the fact that senile Joe shut down OUR oil pipeline but let the Russians continue to build theirs and supply western Europe with their oil and has increased the power of the oil producing middle east countries has on the world. Then he also puts the brakes on coal miners but they are allowed to continue working as long as the coal is sold to China for bargain basement prices.


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