Biden Fuels The Violence Against Police


Biden Fuels The Violence Against Police
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As President Trump continued going through the western battleground states on his campaign, he called out Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats for allowing and encouraging the widespread anti-police violence.

The president was in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday for his speech. He spoke to an enthusiastic crowd as he tore into Sleepy Joe for the left’s — and his supporters’ — actions. Aside from judging Biden for failing to condemn the “left-wing mobs,” Trump also accused him of seeking to “appease domestic terrorists,” as well.

Trump made the comments the day after two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies were cowardly ambushed as they sat in their patrol car. The two deputies were brought to a hospital for surgery, as they were shot in the head at close range. Following the shooting, BLM protesters had even gone as far as blocking the hospital’s entrance and exits, all while repeatedly shouting, “We hope they die!”


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This latest incident is just another example of how the hate in the community has spiraled out of control. This is the consequence of the media and the Democrats’ choosing to portray the police as the common enemy.

They have decided to side with the criminals, instead of choosing law and order.

“For the entire summer Joe Biden was silent as left-wing mobs assaulted police officers,” President Trump said. “When Biden’s far-left supporters set fire to police cars and precinct stations, courthouses, Joe Biden called them, ‘peaceful protesters.’”

He also called for Biden’s “anti-police crusade” to stop, during his speech at a local business in Henderson, 16 miles from Las Vegas.

The violence and hate will not stop, unless those in the left themselves realize that what they’re doing is wrong. It is helping no one, and it’s doing nothing for their cause. Instead of getting the police department defunded, they are simply showing what lies ahead for a future without the police.

The shooting of two deputies in Los Angeles who were peacefully sitting in their patrol car, the rioting that took place Sunday night in Lancaster, PA after a police officer shot a knife-wielding lunatic who was chasing him, along with the non-stop spread of anarchy across the nation, all show that Joe Biden and the Democrats have lost control of the “left-wing mob.”

Let’s just hope that the mobs don’t get more violent if President Trump is re-elected as the President of the United States of America.

President Trump’s entire speech as it was live, is available here:

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