Biden Claims He Has A Sweeping Mandate for Drastic Changes on America


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Democrat Joe Biden hasn’t even won yet but claims to have a sweeping mandate that would impose drastic changes on America.


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The leftists continue to ignore the mounting pieces of evidence on electoral fraud and irregularities in key battleground states. The Dems are also snubbing lawsuits brought by President Trump’s campaign as they remain gaslighting the American people that their candidate has already “won” the election.

Dreamy Joe started a series of speeches designed to stretch false impression that he has snatched the president seat. On Friday, Biden spoke on climate change, COVID-19, and racial justice as his “mandate for action.”

Fox News reported that Joe Biden didn’t declare winning over Trump yet emphasized that he’s “going to win” in the election. 

“We don’t have a final declaration of victory yet but the numbers tell us a clear and convincing story. We’re going to win this race,” Biden said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware.

The former vice-president, together Harris flaunted a record-breaking 74 million votes and emphasized “the people spoke loudly for our ticket.”

Biden then highlighted that the massive votes indicate a “change over more of the same.” He touted the alleged 74 million votes yet didn’t consider the rampant fraud in Pennsylvania and Georgia. 

Biden’s win isn’t convincing at all, since the old man couldn’t even draw a crowd during his campaign rallies. The “president-elect” also called for “unity despite his record of racial remarks and outstanding liar tendency.  

Political power is drawn from the consent of voters. It becomes tough witnessing the Americans allow the power-bullies to emerge again in their once vacated seats. 

Joe Biden’s “mandate for action” should be scrapped altogether. 

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