Biden Botches Number of Americans Vaxxed Twice after Looking at Notes…


Image From Video Below…

Breitbart News
– President Joe Biden falsely claimed at the White House on Friday that 350 million Americans had been vaccinated, twice bungling his statistics after looking at his notes. About 165 million Americans have been fully vaccinated according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control. Currently, 349 million vaccine shots have been administered.SHOW LESS

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Why did you tell us you wouldn’t trust President Trump’s vaccine before the election?

81 million votes? Nobody believes this fraudulent “president”.

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  1. Biden is an embarrassment to Real Americans, the left unamerican could not give a damn how many stupid remarks he makes. There are only about 300 million citizens in the U.S. with about another 25 million interlopers and that number growing by the hour on the Southern border.

  2. Because DUFFUS doesn’t know what the ” H___ ” ! he is doing, Where he is , Where he is going , Where’s he has been, What his Name is , Or Where he lives. But U have to remember Beijing Joe O’biden only has a Brain no larger than a Pea.


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