Biden Believes Claims Against Hunter Biden are False


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Another highlight in the first Presidential debate was when President Trump threw a question about his opponent’s son, who apparently received $3.5 million from a former mayor’s wife.

Joe Biden, the Democrat Presidential candidate, was thrown off-balance with President Trump’s question. Without any further elaboration, the former vice-president kept saying, “That’s not true, it’s totally discredited.”

Tough luck cause President Trump isn’t one to budge. He insists that Biden answer the controversy, asking, “What did your son do to deserve $3.5 million.”


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Senate committees earlier submitted reports on Hunter Biden, son of the former vice-president, of several anomalous bank transactions. 

The report stated that evidence shows the younger Biden received millions of dollars from foreign nationals during and after his father’s US Vice-Presidency.

The extensive report previously revealed the excessive bank transactions of Hunter Biden with foreign nationals, including a former Moscow mayor’s wife, and Chinese businessmen who are alleged members of the People’s Liberation Army and Communist Party.

Critics suggest the payments wired to Biden’s son were proof of conflict of interest and corruption.

The startling findings include a wire transfer from Elena Baturina, a Russian business woman and wife of a former mayor in Moscow, to Hunter Biden’s investment firm as a fee for “consulting agreement.”

Baturina’s husband – the former mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, was fired by then-President Medvedev in 2010 over corruption allegation.

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